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beetnik burgers

Kate ParrishComment

for a while now i've been dying to try my dear friend's products from beetnik foods. rooted in my home town {austin} this small team grows, prepares, and delivers wholesome and natural foods across the country. hello texas treats!  finally– i was able to try it with a shipment filled with all kinds of stuff. at first i thought to myself – "how will this work? what will it look like? what will i do with it? i'm scared." i mean, i've never ordered food like this before... what a wuss.

insert no need to be scared. when my order arrived, i was amazed by the simplicity of it all. a beautiful little cooler full of frozen grass-fed awesomeness showed up right on my doorstep {apartment.. step}, ready to cook or save for later.

^^ that packaging! who wouldn't be stoked on this delivery all the way from tejas? 

^^ our inaugural tasting was obviously the burgers on the fourth {the tahoe grocery store was sold out of buns, of course} ... they were so delicious, i highly recommend you hop on their site and place an order. i cannot wait for our tasting round two: pasta, steak, and sweet potatoes. coming soon.