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dinner party

Kate ParrishComment

our friend kenny has the nicest and biggest apartment out of all of us. it is just a fact. a few months back, though, his lady moved in and transformed that place into an entertaining mecca! well done whitney. {not that it wasn't awesome before. but, a lady's touch always does a man good}.

that being said, we were stoked to be invited over friday night to see the transformation. the night consisted of amazing food, great music, hilarious conversations, and many laughs over the new game heads up {download this app right now, it is catchphrase on steroids}. and of course the night ended with a dance off. cheers and thanks to k+w for having us!

^^ the amazing chef whipping up her seafood masterpiece

^^my first time to have a vodka soaked gummy bear #livingunderarock

^^it is clear by this photo who won the dance off. the worm on a coffee table? innovative.