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sweet sunshine

Kate ParrishComment

because we had so much fun on our lady date to sweetwater, amelia and i decided to go back this past friday with our fellas. there is really nothing better than hangin' on a patio drinking rosé in mill valley. unfortunately we had so much fun that i forgot to take a picture of it, le bummer. the better part of saturday was spent on our bikes {i'm really trying ramp up my biking skillz}. we picnic'ed with blue barn, played frescobol, stopped by mollusk, had a smoothie break, and picked up goods for dinner at fatted calf

^^ check out my new backpack! thank you strum.

^^ here is our little bike ride to show how hard core i am. 

^^ scribe you win me over ever time

our night was spent with an amazing cheese plate, vietnamese pork burgers, and playing the best new most fun game ever. it would be far too confusing to explain here.. cheers!