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cinco de mayo

Kate ParrishComment

recently we were discussing how bad we are at going to brunch – we either dont get reservations in time, or are far too lazy/hungry to wait the typical 1hr+  to get a table.

that being said  i made a reservation for brunch at nopa {literally over a month ago. look at me go!} so that we could brunch at our leisure on cinco de mayo.  {don't get me started on how long we waited for a table this time.}

^^ this is not. mine. i got french toast and it was the most amazing thing ever and i ate it so fast that there were no time for pictures. 

^^ everyone stoked on mezcal bloody marys {except for me because i'm a pansy} 

after brunch we stayed local and stopped by green chile kitchen, a great little spot in the neighborhood for beers and guac. we had a seat right in the window, and actually enjoyed having the sf fog back {though the sunshine has been wonderful.}

thanks to kp and db we spent the rest of our evening in a lovely box at the giants game. ping pong, and tequila shots {for the guys} and corn dogs, and a clear sky made for a great night at at&t park.

 ^^ the terrible kramer spaz move that kp does every his ball hits the pins and who wouldn't want to end their weekend of with two rounds of bowling? it is truly sickening how bad i am at this game. happy friday everyone!