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seafood sunday streets

Kate ParrishComment

sunday streets is a fun way to explore the mission without any cars getting in your way. the streets are blocked off and only open to bikes and pedestrians. and pets, of course. we biked down for lunch at wise sons, a new spot for me that i've been wanting to try for a while now. the shared trout and club sandwichs + mexican coke combo was what some like to call "danky" for a warm spring day. 

^^ we of course also made a stop at st. francis for milk shakes and cones

for dinner we leveraged pasta from this night {mixed with butter, lemon zest, and garlic}, and tried to recreate an amazing kale salad i recently had for lunch. it was almost as good? { kale, mint, and cilantro all chopped finely with peanuts and peanut dressing}. for our main course we made a simple halibut filet with a secret concoction of spices made up by kp. bon appetit!