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{seafood sunday} off the grid

Kate ParrishComment

off the grid is an event that has been going on in sf for about 3 years now – grouping street food vendors together to create an experience where friends and strangers can gather to eat, drink, listen to live music, and just enjoy being outside. the summer series started last week in the presidio, and i have a feeling we'll be attending every opportunity we get. 

we biked over {this was a longer ride than i remembered. i was pooped.} to enjoy the rare 80 degree weather and spent the day playing paddles, sunbathing {gosh i'm pale}, and ended the afternoon on the patio at presidio social club
. a wonderful sunny little sunday. 

that night we had our inaugural rooftop {toolbox}grill session – thank you craig! we made calamari steaks and they abso-frickin-lutely taste better when they've been cooked over warm coals. cheers!