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alamere falls

Kate ParrishComment

last saturday morning started with picking up sandwiches in the town of bolinas prior to our 8.5 mile adventure – and holy smokes, this  might be my favorite hike in the bay area.  the trail is pretty challenging, with really amazing little stops along the way – a rope swing into a natural lake, whimsical little tree tunnels, a moment where you basically have to crawl on your hands and knees, and a craaaazy waterfall that drops right onto the beach. 

^^ perfect for paddles

^^ look at me i'm rock climbing! kind of.  on the way home we made our usual stop at mvbw for a delicious "chorizo plate", my favorite botanical beer, and the tastiest grilled artichokes {hello, artichoke season!} – our night ended mellow with friends at naked lunch in north beach for dinner, drinks, and pools sharking.