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northstar tahoe

Kate ParrishComment

no surprise here, db has completely out-done themselves. this weekend was absolutely perfect and i am so lucky to have been included. the fun started thursday night with new beanies, a hilarious house party, and obviously a pizza truck parked out front.

friday was sunny and lovely. we skiied all day {my legs were like – um what the heck are you doing to us?}, and were more than ready to park up by the fire by 4pm. that evening we rode the gondolas up to the ritz carlton for a night to remember. very well planned db, very well planned. 

saturday was spent skiing, again – followed by a long lunch at the zephyr lodge. lunch time is truly the best time of the day when you've been out on the mountain. our afternoon was filled with our favorite run, tonini's. over and over again. 

is that a crab leg in your bloody?

our last night in northstar was themed fire and ice – an outdoor/indoor type of festivity at the mid-mountain lodge. i had some of the best ramen-ish type pasta ever, and was googly eyed over the ice cream bar. i had so much fun getting to know so many new people, and literally almost laughing to death throughout the evening. thank you again, db, and cheers!