life on pine


Kate ParrishComment

to reunite with my favorite ohioans we planned a random little trip to sin city -- it was so great to get everyone together again, being that the last time was for the wedding and that was all just a really big (but really fun) blur.

our first 2 days were pretty vegas-y, if you know what i mean. we had a night at the club, that turned into an up-all-night-chicken-fingers-for-breakfast type of thing. we slept for a few hours and were back up for brunch @ mon ami gabi. the classic bills casino (soon to be RIP) and naps followed, before a hilariously fun dinner at sage and our show at the aira. the rest of our night was spent losing and then winning and then losing money.

sadly the next morning we lost half of our crew {we missed you guys!} which lead us into our outside the box day in vegas....