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holiday eats

Kate ParrishComment

it seems like every time i go home to austin there is a new place to eat, drink, or live. that city is growing like ca-razy. luckily my friends and family keep me posted on the hot new places so that i still have some knowledge about my hometown.

two of my favorites that i tried (and highly recommend) over the holiday were: clarks oyster bar: right up my alley. super small, cute, good vibes, and a killer menu. we had so much fun discussing the ridiculousness from the night before over oysters and burgers. bon appetit!

lenoir: i can definitely see why this is my parents favorite new restaurant. austin was in dire need of a little french spot, in my opinion -- and lenoir is better than i could have imagined. the rustic shabby chic decor makes you feel like you're in someone's home, and even better that they max out at about 30 diners.

the menu is three course pre-fix, however you can pick any 3 items you want. for example, you could choose all three 3 desserts. just sayin. bon appetit!