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off the vegas strip [hiking red rocks national reserve]

Kate ParrishComment

most people get the heck out of dodge on sunday morning -- however we were in vegas for another day. the sun was shining, the air was crisp and chilly, and we wanted to be off the strip. after catching up on sleep, we decided to rent a car and drive to red rock national reserve. it was absolutely gorgeous and definitely worth the ~45 minute drive.

it was too windy and cold to do the hike we had originally planned on, so we made our way to old school fremont street. we stopped at golden gate casino (obviously) where i turned $5 into $65 -- holy smokes! i was proud. i really enjoyed the $3 tables over the $25 tables. but that's just me. 

later that night i threw my winnings on black, and doubled them (seriously, what's happening?) -- so, kp and i used the free moolah to have a date night. we had a fabulous dinner at morels, followed by some gelato and a walk along the canals in venice. i mean the venetian. it was a cute little last day in vegas!