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pumkin picking

Kate ParrishComment

obviously my favorite day of the year. {well, at least top 10}. on saturday morning we packed the car and headed to half moon bay for pumpkins. first, we stopped for coffee at hookers and enjoyed a cute little breakfast at blue sky farms. this place is part nursery, part landscape design, and part cafe. and they do it all to perfection.

post pumpkins we went further south to pescadero. our time here was spent wandering the town and stocking up on fresh berries, local honey, and the-best-bread-known-to-man. not kidding. and we obviously couldn't leave without a trip to pie ranch. after our mid day piece a pie, we explored the ranch -- and may even be back one day to volunteer and attend the barn dance? who knows.

happy birthday! later that night we went to magnolia in the haight to celebrate jake's birthday. this place has such a fun atmosphere, great beer, amazing food, and just all around my kinda vibes. we'll definitely be back. what a day.