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molly's florida bachelorette

Kate ParrishComment

molly's much anticipated bachelorette party came and went too quickly in my opinion. for memorial day, the bridesmaids (minus a few) all went out to ocean ridge to celebrate, and we had... too much fun. i arrived friday morning for a full day spent at the beach. some memorable moments include:

katherine's toast. rooftop dinners. unlimited cocktails? never have i ever. mrs. lipschtick. abs and gail. boat rides and manatees. malibu rum. girls night out {bachelorette edition}. ridiculous questions. ridiculous answers. frozen yogurt. hot. brunch. swan dives. thunderstorms. bocce ball. pictionary. laughing. crying. pin the **** on the ****.

and, much {much} more. a weekend to remember and many thanks to KJ for making it happen.  so much love to you girls. can't wait for august.