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4 cozy european christmas markets

Kate Parrish2 Comments

joyous noel from switzerland! chistmas in europe is the most festive thing i've ever seen.

with no thanksgiving holiday, the christmas markets here start around mid-november which gives a whole lot of time to enjoy the christmas spirit. most city's main squares are covered in tiny wooden shops featuring craftsman, christmas decorations, local foods {meats & sweets}, holiday beverages [for children and adults], beautiful lights, decorated trees, live music, and always happy vibes. packed with tourists and locals alike, every night of the week is lively and gives you good reason to brave the cold winter temps. here are a few of the our favorite christmas markets:

1. VIENNA, austria 

for more info on the vienna holiday markets, click here


2. MUNICH, germany 

for more info on the munich christmas markets, click here


3. BUDAPEST, hungary 

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4. KRAKOW, poland

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