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how to find this secret beach in lagos, portugal

Kate ParrishComment

on our first night in lagos we tried to hear from the locals what the best non-touristy beaches in town were. there are so many small beaches tucked into coves along this coast, and it's hard to figure out which ones are accessible by foot, and which ones are only available by boat. our cute bartender ended up telling us that her favorite beach in the area was "climb downs" ... which is a name locals made up because of the steep rocky path that takes you there. we were determined to find the beach and after some serious searching and luck, we stumbled upon a few people approaching what looked like a very dangerous hike down to a beach. this had to be it ... 

the hike down is actually quite easy and very safe. the scary looking rocks definitely weed out the tourists, but when we popped out there was just a small handful of people enjoying the sand and warm water. what i loved was the swimming here – just passed the waves you can actually swim into private caves with little tiny beaches inside of them. i've truly never seen anything like it! later that afternoon we grabbed lunch in town before hitting the road to albufeira [about 1 hour east back towards faro]. 

if you want to try and find this beach: it is right between the two spots i mentioned in this post: the lookout point [faro da ponta da piedade / lagos] and o camilo restaurant. you might be able to just ask around and see if anyone knows, or if you see people climbing down – follow them! good luck ;)