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our camera gear

Kate Parrish2 Comments

a few people have been asking about our camera gear so i thought i would share it all here. our strap is a vintage gift from kyle's dad, but etsy has some really awesome options. for most of the photos on the blog, we use a mix of two cameras:

  1.  nikon D5100 with a 35mm 1.8 lens: in my opinion, this is a great starter camera. it takes really nice photos, is affordable, and gives you the opportunity to learn manual without spending a ton of money 
  2. canon G16 powershot: we've had this series for years and have gone through the G12, 14, 15 and now 16. it takes really great photos [especially in low light] and fits in your purse/pocket easily. this is typically the only camera we take out after sunset. we also use this for all of our videos.

for editing:

  1. lightroom: this product alone has a lot of really cool features/editing tools to work with as a beginner  
  2. VSCO film for lightroom:  once you learn lightroom, VSCO film is a fun add on. this is a recent purchase for me and so far i have loved all of the versatility, i would highly recommend!