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bye! but hi from norway!

Kate Parrish6 Comments

hi! so, some news. which you probably already saw if you follow me on instagram.  i realize this idea is nothing new and it honestly might make you roll your eyes, but we have decided that before we have dogs or kids or new career responsibilities that we want to take a brief step out of our comfort zone that is SF [which we love very much] and visit places we've never been together. we also want to share our budget friendly experiences with YOU to inspire others to make a similar decision. yolo, you know? 

to make this happen we saved and saved. sold a bunch of our stuff. sold our car and the expensive parking spot she sat in [which was actually really annoying but CarMax saved us]. and decided to shift gears, just for a second, and focus on building up skills we've always had half our hand in. we're also going to focus on LOP as an adventure/travel/lifestyle journal and guide. 

for those of you that follow already, you know that we appreciate exploring the new cool mega hip spots, but love even more to understand the history and culture while stumbling up on some local gems. we typically prefer airbnb to fancy hotels. local food experiences to fancy restaurants [even though sometimes fancy restaurants can be fun]. we often try to seek out locals or friends of friends [of friends?] who have been to or live in the places we visit. with that always comes recommendations that are much harder to find on the tripadvisors or yelps of the world. i hate when a good place gets bad reviews just because someone from somewhere thought their waitress looked at them wrong [that biotch! 3 stars.

one thing i love about life on pine is hearing stories of how it inspired you to take a trip you might not have ever gone on. our goal for the future of LOP is to continue that and be a one-stop-shop for all things adventure/travel that is trustworthy, budget friendly and well researched. you'll start to see more of:

  • in depth city/country travel guides
  • budget plans and how we're spending/saving our money
  • packing lists & how to's
  • tips for staying healthy on the road 
  • trekking & camping & surfing 
  • MORE 

we feel very fortunate to see the world together as we stretch our small budget living out of backpacks, and will do our best to RECRUIT ALL OF YOU to come visit us somewhere, please. 

our first stop is in norway [hello from oslo] and we'll be going up to the lofoten islands next [image of where we're staying below via]. stay tuned and we're so happy that you're here.