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tourist day: biking over the golden gate bridge to sausalito

Kate ParrishComment


biking over the GGB is something tourists do here in sf [weather pending] and i haven't done it since i moved here back in 2010. if you can avoid some of the madness that is inevitable with something like this, it's really quite fun. a few tips to surviving: 

  1. stop for sugar and coffee before crossing the bridge, because hills are coming! dynamo donuts in the marina is one of my favs
  2. beware of crazy tourists – there are so many people snapping photos with selfie sticks and not riding their bikes properly that it's legit dangerous 
  3. skip the first strip in sausalito –  it is super cute and quaint, but the great restaurants are on the other side [in my opinion]. some of my favorites are: le garage, fish and bar bocce
  4. take the ferry home – biking up the never ending hill you just flew down to get into sausalito will probably ruin your buzz 
  5. if you don't want to go to sausalito – some other fun stops are cavallo point or rodeo beach