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6 cool things to do & see in lima, peru

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lima isn't one of those cities where you arrive and immediately pick up on the "vibes". on the first day, we often felt lost on what to see and what neighborhoods to spend time in. most research will lead you to staying in miraflores or barranco [see our airbnb wishlist], which i absolutely agree with. these neighboring coastal 'hoods of lima have a high density of the city's best restaurants and access to lima's very active boardwalk and the ocean.

it is a large and sprawling city, everything being fairly spread out – but with the right amount of research and google map star-ing, we finally figured out how to navigate peru's capital. thankfully, uber is in lima and the cheapest way to get around – we never spent more than a few dollars on a ride.


THE COAST STROLL: we did this many times – the miraflores boardwalk is an extremely well kept pathway for pedestrians, dog walkers and bikers alike. there are a ton of workout stations along the way, yoga classes and many sporty locals. near parque del amor is a good place to start.

TRY SURFING [OR JUST WATCH]: lima is a big surfing town [i did not know this before] with many great breaks (miraflores being a good beginner's spot), BUT it isn't much of a beach town with it's rocky coast. luckily, rosa nautica has great drinks, good ceviche and the closest of views to watch surfers. kp rented from pukana surf ($10 for board & wetsuit) multiple times and had a positive experience. 

VISIT THE LARCO MUSEUM: privately owned in a historic 18th century home, housing a ton of indigenous artifacts from the pre-colombian era. the garden here is one of the most beautiful i've ever seen and worth going to alone for a drink and snack at their cafe.

WANDER MIRAFLORES & BARRANCO: popularly known as lima's two nicest districts with tons of fun shops, restaurants, outdoor parks and bars to keep you occupied. we also enjoyed taking a half day trip to lima's historic center, the old architecture is beautiful!

TAKE A PISCO SOUR + CEVICHE TOUR: create your own route and get to know the friendly bartenders and wait staff. or do one of the many food & drink tours offered! need help planning where to go? check out:

W H E R E  T O  E A T  A N D  D R I N K  I N  L I M A  |  A  M I N I  G U I D E

SEE THE MAGIC WATER CIRCUIT AT NIGHT: sounds kinda dorky at first, but the magic water circuit holds the guinness book record for the largest fountain complex in the world, displaying 13 distinct fountains, many of which are interactive. all of the fountains are illuminated at night, many with continuously changing color schemes. they have a colorful laser light program that is synchronized with classical peruvian music - that makes for a fun night time stroll. 


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