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72 hours in seville, spain

Kate ParrishComment

we just knew that after portugal we would eventually be going to morroco by way of ferry from southern spain [tarifa]. timing wise we had about 5 days until we wanted to get to morroco, and after looking at the map it was obvious that seville was our perfect next stop – i've always wanted to go, and it was directly east [a 4 hour bus ride] from [faro] the algarve. 

i'm so happy we ended up here because it was such a fun visit. despite the HOT HOT daytime temps (known as the one of the hottest cities in europe), we really enjoyed wandering the streets bopping into little shops and bodegas, walking along the river, eating countless tapas and seeking out flamenco guitar & dancing. we stayed in an airbnb private room [with a traditional tapas bar right downstairs!] for 3 nights and here are some of our favorite things: 

EAT || casa morales [a dusky, time-honored tapas joint] ||  mercado lonja del barranco [local food & drinks hall with riverside seating]  || torres y garcia or el pinton [more modern/hipstery] || cafe bar regina [coffee & breakfast, OG and authentic] ||  sal gorda [fun for tapas, but there are hundreds of options!]

DRINK || tinto de verano [the drink to order – anywhere!] || alameda de hercules [dozens of bars/cafes, great for the weekend and going out at night] || hotel inglaterra [classy old hotel with roof terrace and views] || buen trago [fun patio where people drink after dinner before going out]

EXPLORE || mercado de feria [one of the city's oldest mercados] || metropol parasol [newest viewpoint in the city // really cool local fish/meat/produce market down below // interesting modern architecture] ||  santa cruz [explore the cobbled streets of this historic quarter] || plaza de toros [we don’t support bull fighting, but the arena is incredible and you can’t deny the spanish history here] ||  plaza de españa [stroll through maria luisa park to the plaza where tiled alcoves represent each of spain’s provinces]