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day trip from cartagena: isla baru photo journal

Kate ParrishComment
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cartagena is really hot in the summer

and walking the streets was really fun, but also really difficult to do for the entire day because we would get exhausted by the sun. we kept hearing that there were islands nearby that many people take day trips to (and saw TONS of men trying to sell us a boat ride) and we finally decided that it might actually be really fun and refreshing. 

we ended up pricing out a few of the offered tours before we realized they all actually work together and it really didn't matter. we boarded a cute little boat and rode for about an hour before arriving to isla baru –– here, we got off and spent the entire day lounging/swimming/drinking coconuts. you can also take separate snorkeling trips/etc. –– but we were more interested in relaxing and catching up on our books. 

the beach bars were adorable, the water was refreshing, and there was plenty of shade to hide under when it got too hot. if you're heading to cartagena for a few days, i'd definitely recommend this day-trip! we were back in the city by 4pm, just in time for sunset happy hour. some favorite photos below...


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