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a long weekend in medellin, colombia

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hello! when we returned to the US this summer, i made the decision to take a break from blogging and just live in the moment for a bit. now somehow we're all the way after christmas and i find myself missing this little creative outlet of mine –so, i'm back and will start with finishing up about our time spent in colombia ;)

with eternal springtime weather (almost reminded me of SF) and a more "town"ish feel than bogota, are a few reasons why so many gringo expats end up gravitating to this cool city. it's also known as one of the most organized and "developed" of the colombian cities, getting a lot of attention because of their green-living initiatives. it's a friendly, vibrant and scenically unique city to spend a couple nights in. i'd also look into taking classes (we almost did a few weeks here but ran out of time) ... if you end up making the trip, here are some of our favorites:



  • criminal taqueria tasty tacos and beer with only street seating. loved this place
  • clandestino awesome cocktails in a small cozy space, next door to criminal taqueria 
  • lo exquisito del mar authentic neighborhood seafood spot
  • bigote's head here less for the food, but more to hang with the locals - students and transplants in the streets with drum beats and the best of vibes
  • pergamino for hipster high end coffee shop experience - pretty cool though
  • OCI.mde go here for dinner
  • burdo another fun spot for festive drinks and good food in poblado
  • bar atlenal og bar, far south but for soccer games and history looks so rad - 
  • restaurante herbario for one of the best high end dining experiences (at a fraction of the cost)



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