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adventures in baños, ecuador

Kate ParrishComment

baños is known as the backpackers destination in ecuador

and for good reason – this adventure town is filled with waterfalls, hot springs, hikes, SWINGS!, and many other adventures. after our peaceful weekend in cotopaxi national park we weren't sure if this backpacker town would be right for us, but knew that we had to see "the swing" and chill out for a few days. and was it worth it? 100% yes. that swing is good clean fun and we were all belly laughing and asking for another turn after turn. it might have been our timing, but it also wasn't packed with other tourists – we were the only people there for a good while and we got as many rides as we could in. 

want to see the swing?

read more about casa del arbol here, and don't listen to any of the bad reviews – its a grand ol' time. 

planning a trip to baños? some other spots worth seeing:

  1. PAILON DEL DIABLO WATERFALL | also known as devil's cauldron, this waterfall on the rio pastaza is a tributary of the upper amazon river basin. it's a relatively easy hike down to the waterfall and back, but you should allow a few hours to soak in both the waterfall itself, as well as the immense hydrologic power churning through the gorge. after descending into the gorge from town, the trail winds toward the entrance, where for a small fee, they allow access to an otherworldly set of stairs carved into the cliffs adjacent to this huge waterfall.

  2. CHECK OUT THE HOT SPRINGS | [if you're not weirded out by the freaky color] – we didn't get a chance to do this, but due to the town's name literally translating to bath, these healing waters are definitely something they're known for. 
  3. CAFE HOOD | this restaurant + hostel combo is a must if you're planning to eat out in town. their food is healthy, delicious and unique, we found ourselves coming back multiple times for lunch & dinner 
  4. LUNA RUNTUN OR HOTEL SAMARI | these two spots were a mini splurge for us {relatively}, but with their big pools, hot tubs, and comfy rooms – we were happy to pay a little extra to enjoy our only 2 nights spent in this little funky town. even if you don't stay at luna runtun, stop by their bar and restaurant for the a magical view over the town.

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