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8 perfect spots for easter brunch in SF

Kate Parrish

there are two kinds of brunch in my opinion: #1. groups of really hungover people pounding bottomless mimosas and eating omelettes #2. less hungover people enjoying some coffee, perhaps a fancy brunch cocktail and always some kick ass food. perhaps a park day afterwards. i've always hated the feeling of post  brunch #1 – wanting to take a nap at 2pm, waking up at 5pm feeling confused. that being said, some of sf's best food is served during the wee hours of the morning !  

if you don't celebrate easter, that's cool too. it's supposed to be nice in SF this weekend and brunch is always fun [#1 or #2]. a few of my personal favorites include:

OUTERLANDS [casual]:
Reservations:  only for dinner, but if you arrive right when they open [9am] you should be golden
What to order: honestly, every.thing is perfection depending on what your'e in the mood for
Tip? : if you have to wait for a table, wander the hood! trouble coffee, golden gate park, the general store and mollusk surf shop are a great place to start 

NOPA [fancier than casual]:
Reservations: yes! you can make them up to a month in advance. if not, be in line right @ 11am for bar seating
What to order: i love their bloody mary and french toast.
Tip? :  split  with your table. It's delectable but too sweet for just one person. 

NOPALITO [casual]:
Reservations: no, but they will take your name over the phone. call ahead so that your table is ready when you arrive! 
What to order: the killer bee cocktail and the totopos con chile to start
Tip? : go with a group, there are so many fun sharable items here 

PLOW [casual]:
Reservations: no, and the lines get loooong. i think if you can stomach arriving around 8 am, that might be your best bet. 
What to order: dear god, the lemon ricotta pancakes. [pictured above], everything else is amazing too. can't go wrong. 
Tip? :  have a long wait? walk over to piccino coffee bar 

20th CENTURY CAFE [casual]:
Reservations: no, it's an order at the counter, find your own seat, kind of place – you might get stuck waiting
What to order: the smoked salmon bagel will actually change your life
Tip? : splurge on dessert – the price is high but everything here is good 

B. PATISSERIE [casual]:
Reservations: no, another order at the counter, find your own seat, kind of place – there will be a line
What to order: kouign amann – they're known for these and they're INSANE
Tip? : try their tartines and take it to-go if you cant find a table. most of their food is walk n' eat friendly. 

ZUNI CAFE [prettttty classy]:
Reservations: yes! if you can't get one, try to arrive early
What to order: the burger is famous and they make a killer caesar salad
Tip? : waiting for a table? the bar area has a lot of first come first serve standing/sitting – grab a drink. or you can pop over to bon marche on market st [an 8 minute walk] and shoot back a few oysters

PRESIDIO SOCIAL CLUB  [seriously classy]:
Reservations: heck ya! i recommend getting a seat at the bar or outside if you can. 
What to order: the ramos gin fizz and oysters
Tip? : the presidio is really f*ing cool.  try to wander the area once you've finished up – you wont regret it. 

more SF favorites can be found via my city travel guide

note: sf is insane with eating out and it can get really annoying. expect a wait at any of these places if you don't have a reservation, and keep in mind the earlier you arrive, the better. image via