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hunting for mushrooms in point reyes

Kate ParrishComment


years ago we went to an underground "wild kitchen" event through foragesf where we ate ramen and watched this hilarious 80's movie about ramen called tampopo. it was such a unique experience and ever since, we've been on their email distribution list and constantly discuss how we need to try one of their weekend excursions up north. 

we finally tried the mushroom foraging in inverness, and it was such a fun & interesting day. we hiked for 4 hours learning about all of the different mushrooms around us from our guide patrick. there are so many that we can eat! and so many that will make you terribly ill. or kill you. it was fun to learn the difference. that night we went home with a bag full of oyster mushroom's and made a delicious pasta dinner. it's hard to believe just hours earlier i was on kyle's shoulders picking them off a tree!

afterwards we made an obvious stop at two of our favorites: the marshall store and gestalt haus.