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10 items in my backpack that are saving me

Kate ParrishComment

packing for this trip was pretty weird and hard. we're visiting cold countries, HOT countries, hiking, swimming, trying to look "nice" every now and then, and a whole lot of other situations in between. i will share my full packing list later on, but here are 10 random items that have really been awesome so far. 

  1. GRAYL: this bottle can filter water from pretty much ANYWHERE and make it 100% safe to drink. this is a huge win when trying to stay on a budget, as safely filling up from the tap saves a lot of $$. 
  2. HAVANA HAT: this meant-to-be gardening hat is actually the ultimate travel hat. it protects your skin and is super durable. i've had mine for over 3 years and she's only mildly misshaped at this point. 
  3. STEAMER: this clothing steamer packs up small, works in all international outlets, and perfectly removes all of the wrinkles from the clothes shoved in our backpack. 
  4. PACKING CUBES: such a perfect way to organize all of the random crap floating around, without these, my pack would be a mess.
  5. COCOON sleepsack: you can't trust the sheets everywhere you travel. this baby slips inside any bedding situation (including pillow) to make you feel comfortable and clean. 
  6. TRAVEL CHARGER: great to keep handy for your iphone or kindle – on long travel days, or days where we are using google offline maps, this ensures we won't run out of power. 
  7. EXERCISE BAND:  a concern before this trip was trying to stay in shape. this band folds up small and helps with stretching and many strengthening work outs. this one is also great for stretching. 
  8. MINI FLAT IRON:  i didn't want to bring any hair appliances on this trip – seemed like a waste of space. but when i saw this teeny tiny straightener ... it has actually been a nice-to-have when we're going out for dinner/etc.  
  9. TRAVEL TOWEL: this towel folds up SO small, dries fast, and is great to have for so many random situations
  10. LACROSSE BALLSi learned about these from my chiropractor, and they're wonderful for breaking up tense muscles after a long flight, day of hiking, or just build up over time. 

more items from my pack can be found HERE!