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jackson, wyoming

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oren’s first flight!

jackson is a trip i had on the calendar before oren was born, and to be honest it was hard to imagine what it would be like with this tiny little baby i hadn’t even met yet. i cannot believe it has now come and gone! we had such a special time taking oren to one of our favorite places with some of our favorite people. we took many long walks, ate a lot of delicious food, spent mornings cozied up by the fire and afternoons in the hot tub… and lots of play time for the kiddos. it will be so fun to watch them grow up together <3 thank you so much to the louis crew for always being the most loving hosts. we are so grateful!


^^ these two tubbing together! i can’t handle it.

later in the week our little family moved into town to spend a few nights at the anvil hotel. we went to the rodeo, wandered the farmer’s market, popped into stores, enjoyed long patio hangs and stroller walks. and on our 2nd to last night A + S took us on the coolest adventure in teton national park. we were lucky enough to spot some wolves and elk and loooads of bison. i hope those memories will stick deep in oren’s brain forever.


summer with grandma & grandpa

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before grandma and grandpa monney headed back to austin, we tried to squeeze in a few bay area summer trips with baby O. first, we went up to sonoma for two nights and went to huichica –– an extremely chill, perfect for people with kids, music festival. we went back in 2012 and always swore we’d come back one day. it was just as great as we’d remembered. only a few stages, tons of shade, great food, no lines, re-usable wine cups, parking… a dream.



the following weekend we went up to tahoe. we stayed in a cozy airbnb on the north shore and spent our days relaxing, SUPing, hiking, lounging and enjoying the fresh air. so grateful to have grandparent-baby-sitters so that we were able to get a little alone time, too!


mankas with oren

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mankas inverness lodge

a little over 3 yeas ago we stayed at mankas for the first time after our wedding –– it was a splurge and a treat and we knew we’d want to come back again one day to celebrate something else. a new baby seemed like just the right thing to celebrate. we journeyed back with our 4 week old [at the time – somehow now he’s now almost 5 months].

we booked the boat house this time for a change of scenery and were so in love with the cozy coastal feel. the days were slow – a casual walk, oysters, and lots of time cuddling and feeding oren. we were up most of the night feeding him as well :) but it was such a great escape from our apartment in the city.

our room had it’s own living space, an outdoor shower, a fireplace, and very cozy in-room dining. we also ventured out for oren’s first restaurant experience at saltwater oyster depot and he slept the whole time. it was really loving.

celebrating baby p: mill valley

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welcome to the world, baby p!

a few weeks before oren was brought into the world, we spent a weekend surrounded by friends and family in one of our favorite home rentals in mill valley. it was such a special way to celebrate our newest and tiniest family member and get all of our loved ones together in one place. there were breakfast tacos, donuts, spritzs, extremely generous gift-exchanging and a lot of laughs. thank you to my family for planning such a wonderful weekend. kyle, oren and i are so lucky <3

minca, colombia

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minca, colombia

not long ago minca was a pretty dangerous place because of a strong guerrilla presence, but throughout the past years this region has developed into an ideal destination to relax and enjoy fantastic views & sunsets, the friendliness of the locals, natural beauty, numerous waterfalls, a sunny climate (infamous for growing marijuana) and plenty of outdoor adventure to be had. minca is a small village in the middle of the sierra nevada mountains at 600m altitude, but what makes it unique is that you can be at the ocean in under 1 hour by car. it is known for having the highest elevation mountain range this close to the sea and the result is the beautiful flora and fauna that define this part of colombia.

oscar's place

no frills ecological hostel with breathtaking views of the santa marta mountains and access to all of the adventure around minca. we loved waking up here and enjoying our coffee on the deck as we gazed into the endless beauty of the lush green mountains.