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  • If you like dive bars and OG vibes – check out a kneipen [which we talk about in this post].
  • Currywurst and döner kebab are the local fare and extra tasty here.
  • The transit system here is AWESOME and massive. It will pretty much get you anywhere, buy the day pass and be on your merry way. 


Airbnb Berlin So many incredible places to stay, our Berlin Wishlist.

  • Schoneberg Very cool and local hood, has a ton of character and historic architecture.
  • Kreuzberg is in the middle of the continued gentrification of East Berlin.

Michelberger Hotel or 25 Hours Hotel Even if you don't stay here – grab coffee, shop or have a cocktail at the monkey bar [overlooking the monkeys in the berlin zoo]. 

Linnen or Gorki Apartments (Mitte) Experience the raw and unique design aesthetic of Berlin.



Café Anna Blume Brunch here - sit outside on their great terrace. Put your name down then walk around the pretty streets and farmers market.

Roamers This place is cool and of course has a crowd out front waiting for tables. Pop in for a coffee / yogurt and just enjoy the vibes if you don't feel like waiting for a table.


Bite Club Tasty food truck that moves around the city

Berlin Burger International The burger scene has taken off in Berlin, plenty of options.

Cafe Ribo Casual lunch spot.

Thai Park Every Sunday, thai street food in the park. Also sell beer, wine & cocktails here. Super fun and local!


Clarchens Ballhaus Restaurant and dance hall with awesome outdoor patio, great local German vibe

Markthalle Neun Thursday night outdoor market.

District Mot Saigon street food, legit Vietnamese food and a fun meal out with friends.

Kimchi Princess Korean bbq spot that is great and very popular in Berlin (get a resy). Fun choice for dinner and drinks before going out.



The Barn Good coffee and pastries stop. (Schonhauser)

Double Eye Get a cappuccino and soak in the Berlin scene as you wait in the short-ish line. (Schoneberg)

Roamers Mentioned above, this is a cool spot for food but if you don't have time to wait for a table – snag one of their fancy coffees and just enjoy the scene. 


YAAM Beach Club one of the many awesome beach clubs, can stop by on bikes or uber over to hit a few (Fredrichshain)

ORA Bar right in Oranienplatz, inside an old pharmacy and very COZY. Only basic cocktails are available before 6pm, after, the craft cocktail bartender arrives. (Kreuzberg)

Pratergarten one of the best biergartens in the city

Klunkerkranich built of top of a car park, concrete space offers incredible views, urban gardens, cocktails/beers, DJs & live music at night

Club Der Visionaere late night go here and bounce around the different clubs along the canals (Kreutzberg)

Hackbarth’s good kneipen (Mitte)

Stattbad nightclub in an old emptied pool

Soho House Berlin pool, lounge, cocktails, or just stop by to check it out as it’s worth seeing


Prinzessinnengarten Social-urban-agricultural venture,  that is now one of the city’s best green spaces.  There’s a wooded garden restaurant and biergarten, a recycling center and spaces for workshops. (Kreuzberg)

Boat Canal Tours You’ll pass the Reichstag (house of parliament), once burned down by the Nazis as part of Hitler’s government takeover, old border crossing at Friedrichstrasse station (Tränenpalast Palace of Tears) and Museum Island.

Holocaust Memorial Check it out and pay your respects. 

Tempelhof Famous as the lifeline for West Berlin during the Cold War, the old airfield has become the city’s biggest urban park. Must visit in the summer.

Brandenburg Gate Among the most important and distinguished attractions. Where Napoleon charged the city, Reagan gave his famous speech and where Hitler marched through in 1933.

Berlin Wall Memorial The history and tribute here was chilling. Talk a walk along the wall and read the history of Nazi Germany.

Stadtbad Neukolln Old school Roman/Greek style bath house.

Music Venues Festaal Kreuzberg & Bang Bang Club Berlin