life on pine

hi, i'm kate. 


from home [san francisco] and on the road. i love hikingoutdoor experiences, budget friendly lodging [that don't feel 'budget'], local favorite restaurants, the human experience of travel, and tips that are all curated by our own memorable experiences – crafted from hours and hours of time spent (p)researching  


and maybe make it easier for you too. whether that’s trying something new in your home town, a local staycation, or a trip around the world. alone or with your boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, brother...grandpa? whether you’re 15 or 70, whether you have a million dollars to your name or $15 in your checking account. take a step back, creatively analyze your environment, and there will always be something new that you can turn into an adventure, i promise. 


a creative outlet of sorts for photography, travel, exploration, style, and some of my favorite things. after some major life changes in SF, and a few years of saving, my husband and I made the decision to say “if not now, when?", sold a LOT of our things & left city life to explore places we’ve never been together. SF is still our home :) 


anything cozy. an airbnbboutique hotel or glampsite rather than a fancy hotel chain. local food markets over ritzy restaurants [even though occasionally those can be fun too]. we love to find the new hip spots, but even more to understand the history and culture of a city while also stumbling upon undiscovered gems. there are of course the occasional non-gem, too. we always seek out natives or friends of friends [of friends?] who have been to or live in the places we visit – with that always comes recommendations that are much harder to find on the tripadvisor or yelps of the world. we love to learn what prior generation’s pastimes were and curiously seek out what the OGs of the world are up to. as much as we love a good craft cocktail bar, we equally love ending up in a weird dive bar full of 70+ year old legends smoking cigarettes and playing backgammon. or on an off-trail hike or hidden beach... as we all know that is much harder to find these days.

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i'd love to hear about it! share your story below or send me an email directly, thanks for following along and i am so happy you stopped by. cheers ! 


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